"Becca is a fantastic therapist. It takes a special person to understand the intricacy of a speech delay and how it is affecting your child and family. I say family because if you have a child with a speech delay you know it is not only their problem; it affects your entire family. She molds her therapy to fit your family and child's needs and interests. My son thought he was having a playdate every time she came over to work with him. He painted, made PlayDoh, and explored the neighborhood all while improving his speech. We have loved her and have seen wonderful growth in our son and us."                                                                 - Amber

"From day one I could tell that Becca was a top-notch SLP. Throw in her gentle and patient demeanor, and her sincere desire to help the entire family, and you get a grateful family that has benefitted from her talent."                      - Cheryln

"We appreciate the patience Becca always showed us, her caring nature, and her ability to teach us in fun ways. Many times when Becca visited, she was able to get my son to make a sound or say something and it would bring tears to my eyes because I was so proud of him and thankful for her knowledge to help him. Becca taught us some very valuable lessons that help us communicate better with each other."   - Rachelle

Becca's families say...

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"Becca takes into consideration the whole child, their environment, personality, and current skill level. She understood how to play and interact with my child in a way that built trust and friendship while still challenging him. She taught me how to play with my child in a meaningful way that integrated the skills she was teaching my son in therapy. Becca has been a strong support and influence on my family and that's one thing I did not entirely expect to receive. She provides ideas, feedback, and helps problem solve real life situations with an approach that supports a more united family. She taught me how to understand my child and to see the world from his point of view and for that I am incredibly grateful."                                                        - Marianne

"I could always count on Becca to give me the positive spin. She has gone above and beyond what was needed. I feel like I am prepared to help my son in his speech and sensory defensiveness."  - Leslie

"Becca changed my perspective of how to approach my son in every aspect of his delays - speech, sensory disorder, eating difficulties, and vocabulary. Her patience and love toward me and my son helped us grow and improve together."                                                       - Melissa​

"How happy and grateful I am for our daughter's progress. I feel like her articulation is very 'normal' and she is easily understood by classmates and strangers. A few days ago an unfamiliar adult commented, "She has such a great vocabulary." Amazing. She has turned into quite the story teller too. Thanks for teaching and supporting us."      - Anneliese

"We can’t thank Becca enough for the insight she gave us into understanding our son’s speech problem better. She was so detailed and thorough with her time and assessment of him. She was so patient with him and with us. Watching her work with him taught us better ways to encourage him to try. Over those few months his walls started to come down and his confidence grew. What more could we ask for?"                                                       - Jeff & Natalie

"When Becca comes for visits she is always very professional and yet makes it personal in the care she gives. She has been good to help me see things with my son that might seem random or just 'being two' to me, put them in perspective of his learning delay, and then offer suggestions to improve on them.  Becca is also good working with my other children. She includes them in the teaching/learning experience and tries to help me to make a plan that will work for all of us. I have always felt that Becca sincerely cares about helping my son and wants what is best for him and for us. She has been a blessing to our family!"                                   - Kim

​"I felt very inadequate and scared as a parent of a special needs child.  Becca helped our son with speech, eating, and behavioral issues.  She had creative and effective ways of teaching and has helped us in ways that words cannot express - in building confidence and teaching us what needs to be done.  Our children love her like she is part of the family."                         - Brandon

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