Move Play Talk! provides home/community-based speech and language evaluation and therapy services for families and their children  ages birth through school age. I empower families and children by recognizing and supporting unique family cultures of activities,  interests, and priorities. The family participates in assessment, goal planning, therapy, analysis, and reflective review. Dynamic  assessment of cognitive-linguistic, social-emotional, and physical-sensory developmental domains supports the development and  implementation of treatment plans based on the child’s participation level and interests. Therapy focuses on the communication skills  necessary to build increasingly rich and complex relationships within each child's family, community, and peer groups. Move Play  Talk! offers services for children with varied diagnoses including:

                   Childhood Apraxia of Speech     Autism Spectrum Disorders     Developmental Speech/Language Delay     Cleft Palate                        Fluency Disorders     Brain Injury     Hearing Impairment
        Cerebral Palsy     Down Syndrome     Myelination Disorders     Fetal Alcohol Syndrome     Auditory Processing Disorder     

 I also have experience with children who demonstrate feeding difficulties, sensory processing differences, and/or social-  emotional or behavioral challenges associated with communication delay.

During the summers of 2014 and 2015, I teamed with Stacy Petersen and Mountain Yoga Sandy to provide a special opportunity for families, Earth Warriors: A Mindfulness Camp for Kids and Families. Camp was an opportunity for kids to explore and move outdoors while learning a respect for nature, life, and each other as well as communication and relationship building skills. The vision of Earth Warriors evolved from the idea that each child has the capacity and courage to effect great change. Our intention was to provide a platform for kids and families to discover and nourish their spirits and souls. Camp emphasized having fun in the mountains while learning about safety and respect for ourselves, our peers, and the environment. There was time for hiking, exploring, playing games, observing, drawing, creating, yoga, storytelling, and more. Camp activities supported increased self-confidence, relationship building, an intensified desire to learn, improved flexibility/resiliency, self-reflection, and a broadening of perspective.
Click on the camp symbol above to visit the website, read and listen to stories and songs from camp, and follow the news feed featuring links to current and pertinent resources! 

To support the relationships of children and their families by developing functional communication skills during play and daily activities.

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 An initial evaluation is conducted during the first session in your home to determine current speech and language skills. Evaluation  procedures differ based on your child’s presenting skill level, age, and specific communication concerns. Assessment procedures may include observations of you and your child during play activities, audio/video recordings used to collect speech and language samples, standardized tests, checklists, and/or other appropriate criterion referenced measures. We will also complete a family assessment by parent/caregiver interview in order to develop functional therapy goals that match your family’s activities and interests. I provide you with a written report summarizing the evaluation results and therapy goals. Subsequent evaluations are scheduled as necessary.


Sessions focus on your child’s goals within motivating play and activities that are familiar to you and your child. Together, we discover strategies to maximize engagement and communication during these activities. We can also arrange to meet in a community setting to problem solve or practice skills in the real world. Within the larger framework of relationship building, I draw on a variety of approaches to teaching communication such as social interactional models that emphasize following a child's lead as well as traditional behavioral strategies. I use visual systems, sign language, music, sensory, and gross motor play to support speech and language practice. I also teach speech sound production using the PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets) approach.  
Parents/caregivers are integral participants during as well as between their child’s therapy sessions. When scheduling home visits, it is important to choose a time when both you and your child are available to engage. Appointments are scheduled in 15-minute increments (i.e., 30, 45, and 60 minutes), depending on the needs of the child and family. Sessions end 5-10 minutes early to allow a review of the session, time to make joint plans for subsequent sessions, schedule, and write notes. 


With the outbreak of new coronavirus (COVID-19) during the winter of 2020, our world changed dramatically. Social distancing restrictions  required Becca to modify her traditional service delivery model. Out of respect for public health guidelines and the wellbeing of our communities, Becca took the opportunity to develop a telepractice alternative. Becca is a diehard advocate for less screen time, more face-to-face interactions, and a functional outcomes coaching approach that empowers caregivers to develop rich communication relationships with their children. Whenever it is safe to visit in person, Becca will meet you in your home or preferred community setting. However, when public health guidelines contraindicate home visitation, video coaching visits are available on the platform. Video visits are also a way to maintain consistent therapy services when in person visits are not possible due to distance, weather conditions, or illness in the home.
Payment is due at the time of service delivery by cash or check only. Monthly documentation of payment for tax and insurance reimbursement purposes is provided. Please contact Becca for current rate information.